Add-On enclosures

Exciting news from Magic Circle!

As you already know Magic Circle Trampolines are 100% made in the USA, we stand behind our products with a great warranty and great customer service. We can repair or replace any part of your trampoline at any time.

If you need your 13’6 mat/cage or 16’ mat/cage repaired or replaced – there are 3-choices available:

     1.) If the netting and the mat are beyond repair:

                Order a complete new mat/cage

2.) If the netting is damaged, but the jumping mat is in good condition :

               Send us the jumping mat only and we will sew a new net to the mat

3.) If your children are older and you still want the security of the safety netting and you don’t want to send in your mat:

               Order the new add-on enclosure 

The new add on netting can be installed in less than ½ hour – the springs actually hook through the v-rings on the net and the mat to form a very safe alternative.


Added Bonus and Features:

     • For the fully integrated Magic Cage, where the net is sewn to the mat – look into the canopy tops to keep leaves and debris off        the jumping surface and sun off the little ones.

     • With the new add-on nets – simply undo 2 to 3 springs on one side of the trampoline and sweep out any debris. Do not forget to reattach these springs when done.





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