A Magic Cage is Much More Than Just a Trampoline!

Use your imagination! With a 450 pound weight limit, mom and dad can have fun with the children too! One family with our 16' Magic Cage would have their 4 little boys crouch in the middle of the trampoline in a "popcorn" position. Mom and dad would jump trying to make them "pop"! What terrific family fun!

Are you having trouble coming up with ideas? I have a few suggestions:

Play leap frog

Kick a nerf soccer ball

On a hot day throw water balloons

Play a version of Simon Says - have your child do a certain
gymnastic move then you must do the same.

Camp out under the stars - the trampoline jumping surface is so comfortable - just add a pillow and sleeping bag. If you want put a tarp across the top to form a "roof" over your head.

Wit the UV protection of the cage material. sit leaning against the sides and read to your children or just sit and enjoy their company.

Enjoy this Special Time with your Children
They are little for such a Short Time!

There are now Chinese copies starting to show up imitating our product. A large company, which closed last year after having 1,000,000 of their trampolines recalled, has resurfaced and is making a trampoline in China with the cage sewn to the mat. The material used is not sturdy cage material like ours plus it only has a 250 lb weight limit. The weight limit is a true barometer of the quality of the product - thinner steel makes a weaker trampoline - you see the cheaper trampolines in backyards with bent frames and/or legs. Ours is the best trampoline for the money on the market - it is not an inexpensive trampoline as our round trampolines have a very heavy duty top rail to make a rigid frame for the 8 1/2" springs to attach plus 6 heavy duty legs for added support and stability. Our 16' Octagon has only 4 pieces to the top-rail and 4 one piece legs. Our quality products will provide families many years of safe, trouble free enjoyment. Our 10 year warranty on the frame versus JumpKing's 1 year warranty definitely shows ours are built to last. The mass merchants sell trampolines with thinner gauge frames, thinner safety pads, shorter and stiffer and fewer springs, many pieces to the frame so it will be easily boxed, all generally with a 250 lb or less weight limit. That is why they can sell them for less - you get what you pay for - with a child's safety in mind I believe the Magic Cages are the safest trampolines on the market.

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