Why a Magic Cage or a Magic Circle Trampoline?

*available in 13'6" round, 16' octagon, or 12' round (special order)
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Heavy duty 13 gauge galvanized steel to prevent rusting (thickness of a nickel)usually 14 gauge--some have powder-coat finishoften 15 or 16 gauge then with powder-coat finish (thickness of a dime or less!)

78-springs on 12', 96-springs on 13'6", 112-springs on 16' octagon - Heavy-duty 8 1/2" springs with tapered ends provide superior bounce

usually 96 springs on 14' round--some doubled-bed have 84-112 springs usually 8 1/2" springs.usually 84, 88, or 96 7" springs--These are shorter, stiffer making a harder, less springy bounce
450 lb weight limit stands up well for adults, teens, & yet a good bounce for younger children too.usually 250 lb maximum user weightoften 174, 200, or 225 lb weight limit
Good individual pads with
high density foam safely covering frame--usually
last 3 years
generally have good quality safety padsvery thin, flimsy pads, often it shreds in as 8-10 months provide little protection
All made in the USA-steel, springs, mat, pads, foam poles-Home Grown Quality-Support Americamost are imported entirely or partially from China - we believe US steel is superior to steel from Chinaalmost all cheaper trampolines are mass-produced in China
Steel poles supporting cage slip into sockets welded securely to legsgenerally attached with U-boltsgenerally attached with U-bolts
Our foam poles have been out in the sun for over 4 years and have not weakened. They have a protective coating over the extruded foam provinding extra securitygenerally have foam poles that deteriorate over time - some now offer sleeves made of outdoor PVC to slide over foampoor quality foam poles - crumble after time in the sun
Our unique cage is sewn directly to the mat for abosolute safety - tight weave. Fingers, buttons, etc. cannot get caught
in the mesh causing injuries. Extremely strong durable mesh - same fiber as in jumping mat - UV protected
usually fish net design when my children were small they banned playpens with a fish net mesh!! Too much opportunity to climb up cage or catch fingers, buttons, etc. possibly causing injuries. Stands up to over 100 impactsusually light-weight shade cloth type material - does not stand up to many impacts - some rated as low as 4 impacts!!
We have 8 1/2" springs securing our cage to the
poles - when a jumper impacts cage, the springs stretch to lessen the impact on the cage material. 5 yr warranty on cage material -
1 yr complete & 4 year pro-rated plus we can sew a new cage to your existing mat
has strap at top securing cage to poles - doesn't give at all putting stress on cage material has straps tying bottom of cage to v-rings at intervals - small children can slip are or leg between cage & mattypically cheap elastic loops held up by the thin foam poles
No straps to wear outtop strap & bottom strap tend to deteriorate - must be replaced every 2 years - must check each year for wear
No tools - nothing tied or bolted. Disassemble and
store away for winter
straps tie cage to v-rings on mat possibly time-consuming to take apart for storage
In business for over 35 years never had a law-suit or claim against it - an old-fashioned trampoline for good, safe fun - just like what you had when you were a child!Most have had lawsuits - Hedstrom had 116,000 trampolines recalled in July '03 - 700 cases of weld failure!! Jumpking just recalled 1,000,000 trampolines Jan '05 - weld failure with 47 inuries! These two made over 70% of trampolines sold in the USA!

I hope this helps you decide which trampoline you want your child to jump on!

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