9' x 14' Magic Cage Instructions

Magic Circle Trampolines

Magic Cage Installation Instructions

9 x 14 Rectagon

with 8 – 1 piece foam & steel poles


READ THROUGH THESE INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE ASSEMBLING YOUR MAGIC CAGE. Watch a video of installation at www.backyardtoysandmore.com


Read the instructions on the warranty card to give you basic information for putting a trampoline together.


The 9 x 14 is a unique trampoline with 2 long side rails & 2 U-shaped end caps.  In addition there are 2 different pairs of legs.  Lay the 2 long side rails and U-shaped end caps on the ground in the shape of a rectangle.  When you face the side rail there is an orange sticker (plus a red dot of paint) on the socket to your right and a green sticker (plus a dot of blue paint) on the socket to your left. Lay the 4 legs on the ground matching the color dots on the legs to the same color dots on the sockets on the top rails. NOTE: if you don’t put each leg in its correct location, it will be difficult to insert the steel poles (in the next step).


New Step 2: There are 8 cage uprights (which are packaged with foam), with a notch at the top to attach a spring. Hook a spring into the pipe notch, turn to lock with the hook pointing up and set the upright in the socket on the leg with the spring pointing towards the center.


Step 3: Unfold the trampoline mat/cage. At the top are 8 v-ring attachments, which the cage unit will hang from. Make sure that the bottom of the cage has the v-rings to the outside.


Step 4: Hang the cage from the 8 uprights, one at a time.  It is easiest to do the 4 v-rings at the ends then attach the v-rings along the side.


Step 5: Now you attach the mat/cage to the frame. Leave the last springs at the end of each section to the end – these springs will attach the safety pads. Hook 2nd spring & 2nd last spring at one end of trampoline then repeat at other end. Next hook 2nd spring & 2nd last spring on the long sides and repeat for each of the 4 short sides. Now gradually add a couple of springs to each section & repeat until just the last spring on each side is still to be done.


Step 6: Lay the 4 short pads on the short sides with the straight edge against the cage & the side with the corner cut on the diagonal next to the frame. Place the 4 long pads on the ends and the long sides. Slide a spring through the pocket on the pad, hook spring to v-ring on mat then reach into pocket (with another spring or your hand). Stretch spring & hook to frame. Your assembly is now complete.


Enjoy you “Magic Cage” trampoline.

Your trampoline is

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