16' Magic Cage Instructions

                  16’ MAGIC CAGE




  1. Stand a leg up and place 2 top rails on it – each leg connects 2 sections of top rail.  Be sure to place the sockets on the legs facing the outside of the rail edge.  When all sections of top rails are on the legs, you are ready to connect the top rail sections.  Stand on bottom of leg hold a top rail in each hand.  Use your body weight and lean backward pulling the pipe apart, then slide together.



  1. Hook a spring in the notch near the top of each of the 8 upright poles (each packaged in foam sleeve).  Turn spring facing up to lock into place.  Set the upright pole in the socket on the leg with the spring pointing toward the center.




  1. Unfold the trampoline mat/cage. Hang the V-rings at the top of the cage on the springs at the top of each upright pole.  Note: The 2 rear poles (i.e. opposite the open section of the cage) have an extra V-ring.  Hook another spring into the notch of the rear poles and attach to the extra V-ring.




  1. You are now ready to attach the springs to the bottom of the mat.  Start with the 2nd springs from the corners of the mat.  Hook a spring into the V-ring on the mat and then to the frame.  It’s best to attach 2 springs on one side, then 2 springs on the opposite side – to spread out the tension. (on a 16’ – there is 14 springs per section – Start with #2 & #13 go to opposite side do the same, then move over one side until all #2’s & #13”s in each section are done – then proceed to # 3 and #12 do the same as above – then continue with the #4 and #11………)



  1. Insert the remaining springs through the ends of the pads, then attach to the remaining V-rings and frame to secure the pads in place.(#1 and #14 in each section.





Make sure your trampoline is on level ground.  If a section of ground is not level, dig a small trench under the leg to allow it lay level. 





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