16' Magic Skirt Instructions


Magic Circle Trampolines



1.     Remove safety pads and put them, as well as the 16 springs aside.


2.     Pick up the skirt, unroll it and choose the end with NO buckles down the short side and make sure the v-rings are at the TOP. Stand at a leg near where the two pieces of top rail join together.


3.      Take the skirt end (without buckles) in your RIGHT hand and hold under and inside of the top rail, then hook 1st v-ring with the spring to the left of the joint in the top rail (undo spring – put hook through the v-ring on skirt and reattach spring to the top rail hole at LEFT of joint).


4.      Hold skirt in your LEFT hand (and pulling inside the leg), continue around trampoline, undoing every other spring then reattaching spring through skirt v-ring then into the toprail. (Note: ensure that you leave (2) v-rings unused which will be utilized when putting the safety pads back on).


5.      When you reach the leg you began with, after putting skirt length in FRONT of the other end of the skirt, where skirt overlaps the spring, hook goes through (2) v-rings before hooking into the top rail. This end of the skirt will come close to the leg.


6.      You can now go around the trampoline attaching skirt to every spring – if you leave the missing 2-springs and v-rings open,  it will save some work as they are used to attach safety pads.


7.      Attach LEFT side of the skirt to the leg snuggly with the 3-buckles. Lift 1-leg at a time and put a piece of board or brick under it to hold leg off ground – do 3-buckles at bottom of skirt around the bottom of the leg to secure. Where there is no leg we have added 3-vrings in case you choose to anchor the netting to the ground.


8.      Put your safety pads back on – sliding spring through pocket on pad, hook through the v-ring on skirt and reattach to the top rail.


9.      Loosely tie elastic in corner to snug the skirt to top rail. On the outside of the skirt there are pieces of elastic to snug the skirt to each bottom corner of each leg.


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