12' and 13'6 Magic Canopy Instructions



Needs 2 people for this assembly


  1. You will need 3-15’ PVC (schedule 40) pipes ½” diameter. If available, purchase 3-20’ lengths and cut off to be 15’ long.  If the longer length is not available get your 3 connectors plus PVC glue at your local hardware store plus 5-10’ lengths.  Cut 2-10’ lengths in half.  Glue a 5’ length to a 10’ length using a connector then cut off to be 15’ long. Repeat until you have 3–15’ long poles. Lay the 3–15’ PVC pipes across each other to form an “*” shape. Using the pieces of elastic included, tie the poles together in the middle. Tie snugly in all 3 directions and lay on the top of the cage.    NOTE: To make it easier to reach these poles you can tie a long piece of string to each end of the poles. 
  2. Insert the ends of the PVC pipe into the clear plastic or PVC sleeves, provided.
  3. If 1 person stands on the trampoline mat and unhooks the spring from the top of the cage, a second person can take the upright pole out of socket.  Slip the PVC pole with the sleeve into the pole, put the pole back into socket and reattach spring at top of cage.  Go to the next poles, using the string to help get the pole down for you to insert the PVC pipe into the sleeve inside the pole.  Don’t forget to pull off string before inserting.  Continue pulling on strings to get rest of poles down and inserted.  NOTE: it is easier to bend the poles that are underneath first then finish with the poles lying on top.
  4. With 2 people standing on the trampoline frame, hold the ends of the straps and slide the canopy over the PVC framework.  A 3rd person can stand inside the cage & using a broom handle help push the canopy over the PVC poles.
  5. Orient the canopy so that the straps fall half way between the MAGIC CAGE poles. 
  6. Place each strap over the top rail then around behind leg then bring up and loosely buckle 6 straps.  Gradually tighten each so the canopy is situated evenly and snugly over the PVC frame.  Standing on the trampoline frame, tie the elastics on the canopy securely around foam



NOTE: we have used ½” pipe for our installations, but it is harder to find.  Use ¾” PVC pipe is much stronger – if you use ¾” PVC pipe – slit the plastic tubing along the length, so it will slip onto the PVC pipe.


     Note: When there is possible snow, please take the canopy off - due to the weight,                  

                it could cave in before the snow melts.

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