16' Mat/Cage Replacement Instructions

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Mat/Cage Replacement


16' Octagon Mat/Cage

Step 1 Unfold the trampoline mat/cage unit. At the top are 8 v-ring attachments, which the cage unit will hang from. Make sure that the bottom of the cage (112 v-rings) has the v-rings to the outside.

Step 2 Hang the cage from the 8 uprights one at a time (either remove upright from socket to reach springs or stand on ladder to reach.) Note the spacing between the v-rings at the top of the cage is not the same. There are 4 short sides and 4 long sides. The short sides need to go between the legs of the trampoline; this puts the door on the length of top rail (frame) with no joint.

Step 3 Now all you have to do is attach the mat/cage to the frame. The first springs that should be attached to the cage and the mat, are the springs second from the corners of the mat. Hook a spring into the 2nd v-ring on the mat and then to the 2nd hole on the frame. It is best to do 2 springs on one side then 2 springs on the opposite side. Repeat until the 2nd spring from each corner is attached. Think of your trampoline as a clock  do 2 springs at 12 o'clock then 2 at 6 o'clock then 2 at 3 then 2 at 9 then 2 at 1 then 2 at 7 then finally 2 at 5 and 2 at 11.

Step 3 Now that you have the 2nd and the 2nd last spring attached on every side you can attach 2 more springs on each side, then 2 more until all springs are attached except for the v-rings closet to the corners, as this is where the safety pads will be attached. If you try to do too many springs on one side it will be very difficult or impossible to install the remaining springs on the other sides. Be patient and gradually fill in the springs.

Step 4 Install the safety pads as per the installation instructions keeping the cut-off angle to the outside of the frame. Slip a spring through the pocket on the end of the pad, hook spring to mat/cage then stretch spring to hook into frame. Your assembly is now complete.

Enjoy your "MAGIC CAGE" trampoline.

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